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You are Beau2ful

“Sometimes it is necessary to reteach a thing its loveliness.”
-John O’Donahue

Recently I participated in a *“Hello Bea2ful” letter writing campaign initiated by Kaydene Grant. The campaign invites women to write E-Letters to young girls, starting with the salutation: “Hello Beau2ful…”

Since many of us often feel less than beautiful, I wanted to share my letter with you.

Hello Beau2ful,

Yes – I’m talking to you!

While we haven’t met, I know that you are beautiful inside and out.

Beauty isn’t just how you look or how others think you look. Real beauty is an attitude… a feeling… a way of relating to yourself and others that says: I am unique. I am whole. I am enough just as I am.

And I matter.

When we come from a place of beauty, we radiate like the sun.

When we come from a place of beauty, other people want to be around us…to bask in our glow…and they feel emboldened to shine themselves.

It’s magical. And I want you to feel that magic.

But it’s not always easy.

Some days you’re overwhelmed by homework or drama at home or with friends. But your beauty is still there. It just needs your tender loving care.

It’s like when the day is cloudy or rumbling thunder – the sun isn’t gone – it’s just hidden. But it will shine again. And in the meantime, you can grab a hot pink umbrella, put on a slick pair of rain boots, and dance in the puddles and find beauty in the darkness.

How do I know this? Because I’ve lived it. I know what’s it’s like to doubt myself and wonder if I’m beautiful enough or smart enough or good enough. And I’ve learned that when I come from that place of doubt, I feel ugly inside no matter what I look like on the outside.

Thankfully, I now know that there is only one of me – and the world needs me to be the best and most beautiful version of myself.

The world needs me to shine, and I feel better when I do.

Here are three ideas to show you how you can bring forth your beauty:

Each morning, when you brush your teeth, look in the mirror, smile, and say, “Good morning, Beautiful!” Even if you don’t quite believe it…yet!
Find a song that makes you feel unstoppable and play it when you need to change your mojo.

Reach out to someone and tell them what makes them beau2ful to you. What you give will come back to you.

And, lastly, when you have a really hard day, and you wonder if you are beau2ful, if you matter…please read this letter out loud to yourself and know that yes – you are beau2ful and, yes you matter.



*If you would like to write your own letter to a young girl, go to Beau2ful, Inc. All letters are due by August 20.

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