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Cheryl invites women from all professional and personal backgrounds to engage with themselves and their lives from a place of abiding kindness, curiosity and courage. She provides women with proven techniques for improving confidence, mitigating fears, and harnessing their internal wisdom. Cheryl is comfortable and competent addressing women in corporate settings as well as community and academic environments. In any venue where women want to be inspired and informed on how to find and follow the voice within, Cheryl is effective.

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From Critic to Champion: Claim Your Leadership Voice

Sisters U event
This interactive seminar is for women who want to be leaders in their own lives. It is hard to take risks, and ask for what we want, when plagued by the internal voice of doubt and self-criticism. Yet if we want lives of wholeness, fulfillment and meaning, we must all learn how to quell the inner-critic and develop an inner champion — an abiding voice of wisdom, humor and compassion.

This Seminar is for:

  • Women who want to make a bigger impact at work or in their communities
  • Women in the midst of career and/or life transition
  • Women who are considering making a change but feel held back
    by self-doubt

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Quiet the Voice of Your Inner Critic

It’s hard to be confident, take risks, and increase influence when plagued by self-doubt and internal criticism. This dynamic presentation introduces participants to the voice of their Inner Critic, highlights the personal and professional costs associated with listening to that voice, and provides practical suggestions for turning down the volume on their Inner Critic so they may be more effective, inspired and courageous leaders.

Discover Your Inner Champion

Women often note a dearth of mentors and key role models in their lives. Many women also struggle to tap into and trust their own leadership voice. This powerful seminar introduces women to their Inner Champion and provides practical ways to harness their Inner Champion to increase success as well as satisfaction.

Positive Leadership for Positive Results

The research is in: happy employees are more productive employees. This illuminating seminar introduces women to proven positive psychology practices. These practices (such as optimism, gratitude, and visioning) will enable them to create a workforce with greater resilience, engagement and effectiveness.

What Audiences Say

“Cheryl was a pleasure to work with at the WFF Annual Leadership Development Conference. She spent time learning about and understanding who her audience would be, and then provided a message tailored to the group. She provided useful tips and insights that the participants could immediately act on in both their personal and professional lives. Thank you Cheryl for delivering such impactful sessions!”

— Jennifer Ramey, Director of Learning and Development, Women’s Food Service Forum

“Cheryl’s presentation for the Healthcare Business Women’s Assoc. in Philadelphia was outstanding. She fully engaged the audience through her authentic and engaging facilitation style and kept a group of 70 business women completely engaged as she shared great insights on how to quiet your inner critic and tap into your inner champion to truly thrive and lead with ease. Cheryl’s program was one of the highlights in our leadership development program series this year.”

— Kari Gearhart, Principal, The Performance Bridge, LLC

“Cheryl’s seminar, Discovering Your Inner Champion, was a highly successful event for our Women’s Leadership Network. Through Cheryl’s enlivening and interactive delivery, we learned tips and techniques to apply immediately in order to increase our confidence and contribution. I personally recommend Cheryl and this seminar to any organization interested in the professional development of women. I plan to teach these concepts to my teenage daughter!”

— Megan Robinson, Pharmaceutical Company

“Cheryl’s program was so fantastic that we asked her to come back and do it again. In virtually no time at all, Cheryl created a safe and engaging environment for participants to discuss their challenges. Through her powerful exercises, real life examples, and compelling insight, participants gained a true grasp of what holds them back from achieving success. Just as importantly, participants they left with practical tools that made an immediate improvement in their work lives. Cheryl is one of our most highly rated speakers and we are proud to have her work so generously with our members.”

— Dinah Roseberry, The Main Line Chamber of Commerce