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Where Have I Been All My Life?

A Journey Toward Love and Wholeness

Where Have I Been All My Life? is the quintessential read for recovering good girls everywhere. It is a compelling memoir recounting Cheryl Rice’s journey from grief and a profound feeling of unworthiness, to wholeness and true love.

Imagine losing your mother, who also happens to be your best friend, and being plunged into unprecedented sorrow. Imagine that in seeking solace you begin therapy only to find yourself falling desperately in love with your therapist. And then imagine a series of comical yet powerful happenings that spring forth and challenge your deeply held notions about love, longing and the meaning of home. Cheryl’s raw and poignant story will touch and inspire anyone who has been raised to be a pleaser: to rely on others for her sense of self-worth, and anyone who has used longing as a substitute for real love.

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Praise for ‘Where Have I Been All My Life?’


“Rice’s memoir, Where Have I Been All My Life? is an engaging, nourishing must-read for any woman who wants to love and accept herself more fully.”

— Marci Shimoff,
#1 NY Times bestselling author of Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason


“In this smart and unafraid memoir, Rice brings us a modern, grown-up coming-of-age story that traverses the unexpected death of her beloved mother as a catalyst for the journey to self-love and wholeness. Where Have I Been All My Life? is an honest and inspiring look at the purposeful abandonment of striving for and maintaining the “perfect life” at all costs, and the often terrifying act of embracing an authentic, albeit imperfect, self. This book is full of heart and humor, poignant snapshots of struggles with grief and longing; this book is a triumph and a tribute to love in all its manifestations.”

— Sara Rauch,
Editor of Cactus Heart


“Told with grace and clarity, Where Have I Been All My Life? is an emotionally naked, beautifully moving, and ultimately uplifting memoir. Rice poetically depicts the all-encompassing darkness of grief and the bottomless love between a mother and daughter. You will relate to—and be stirred by Rice’s journey to forgive the past, speak the truth, and find new heights of self-worth.”

— Selena Rezvani,
award-winning columnist for The Washington Post and author of Pushback: How Smart Women Ask—And Stand Up—For What They Want


“Any woman raised on a diet of people-pleasing, and fairy-tale-believing will adore Rice’s memoir, Where Have I Been All My Life?

— Caroline Adams Miller,
Author of Creating Your Best Life, My Name is Caroline, and Positively Caroline


“A very powerful, moving journey of a woman who eloquently bears her soul with extraordinary candor both as a child, mother, wife, and a successful career woman in a way that is truly inspirational.”

— Judith von Seldeneck,
Chairman and CEO Diversified Search


“If you’ve known for a long time that you need to open the door on the past in order to find your hopeful future, this book is for you. With tenderness, candor and unflinching honesty, Rice shows us how to examine our lives at those key moments when being in the dark is the only way to safely find our way home again. A perfect companion during times of transition, loss or self-discovery, Where Have I Been All My Life? offers a narrative of curiosity and courage that will inspire any woman at a crossroads, trying to make sense of her wild and precious life.”

— Jen Lemen,
co-founder of


“Rice’s memoir, Where Have I Been All My Life? is a beautifully written and courageous story told with grace, humor and grit.  Anyone interested in living a life of authenticity and self-compassion will greatly benefit from reading this compelling book.”

— Mike Robbins,
author of Nothing Changes Until You Do


Where Have I Been All My Life? vividly describes what is not often disclosed in books about grief—how losing one’s mother can cause a woman to question everything about her life and herself. In the journey that is this book, Rice confronts her longings for the unattainable, her compulsion to take care of everyone else – even her therapist — and inability to fully accept herself. From the very first page, I could relate. I know the longing and the self-loathing Rice writes of all too well. And I suspect many other women do too. With humor and grace,  and through the process of crafting this poignant and humane book, Rice accepts loss, recognizes the impossibility of long-held fantasies, and is able to finally take in real love.

— Deborah A. Lott,
Author of In Session: the Bond between Women and Their Therapists & Don’t Go Crazy Without Me (a memoir)


“Rice’s book captures the essence of looking outside for affirmation, for approval, for acceptance.  Her journey is a familiar one for women.  Until we love ourselves, there is never enough.  It’s an inside job, and her story will help other women tell their stories as well.”

— Marsha Clark,
Founder, Marsha Clark & Associates


“Cheryl Rice is a fantastic writer. I was completely engaged from page one. I love her work and you will too.”

— Nancy Slonim Aronie
Author, Writing From the Heart: Tapping the Power of Your Inner Voice

Sally Stetson-1

“Where Have I Been All My Life? is a powerfully compelling memoir. Any woman who aspires to be a leader in her own life will value this heartfelt book.”

— Sally Stetson,
Principal, Salveson Stetson Group


“In her moving memoir, Where Have I Been All My Life?, Rice offers a tender and generous voice to the personal struggles for worthiness; an issue that most professional women grapple with but few dare discuss.”

— Jennifer A. Chambers, MD  MBA FACP
Chief Medical Officer Capital Blue Cross


“Where Have I Been All My Life? is a powerful memoir that is meaningful to anyone who has experienced the deep loss of a loved one. We are comforted and inspired by the author’s journey from grief to inner strength, love and wholeness.”

— Michele W. Daly
Executive Director, Women’s Resource Center


Where Have I Been All My Life? is a source of hope and courage for anyone willing to honestly look inside him or herself to discover a more fulfilling life. Rice bares it all to give us a model of what it takes to acknowledge the psychological complexes driving our behavior and forgive the parents who unknowingly planted them there.

— Michael Nagle
Owner, Michael Nagle Consulting Group

Where Have You Been All My Life book cover

(She Writes Press)

Cheryl’s compelling memoir recounts her journey from grief to wholeness.

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