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Christine Arylo’s Self-love Kit

A self-love kit dedicated to supporting you to make more self-loving choices all year – so you can choose Love – you know compassion, care, respect, pleasure — for yourself instead of fear, criticism, guilt, shame and pressure! The kit includes: Self-Love Pulse Check, Guided Self-Love Meditation, Self-Love Promise Hand-Ilustrated Worksheets, The official Self-Love Song & Self-Love Poem of the Year, and a Subscription to Christine Arylo’s Love Letters

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Mike Robbin’s new book Nothing Changes Until You Do “First Chapter”

Mike Robbins shares vulnerable truths, important insights, and a valuable knowledge in Nothing Changes Until You Do, that can transform your relationship with yourself, as well as your relationships with others and with life itself.

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Marci Shimoff’s Happy For No Reason workbook

In this complimentary Happy for No Reason Workbook you’ll find material that will help support your growth and help you raise your happiness set-point. Included in this Happy for No Reason Workbook are the: Happy for No Reason Questionnaire, 21 Happiness Habit Exercises, and the Happiness Quotes from Happy for No Reason.

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Julie Cohen’s Your Work, Your Life … Your Way: 7 Keys to Work–Life Balance eBook

Your Work, Your Life …Your Way: 7 Keys to Work–Life Balance invites you to develop a customized, real-world approach to achieving lasting change in your life. Discover the satisfaction that a healthy work–life balance can bring.

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Shereen Thor’s Rebel Rule Book

Ready to write your own rules to your game of life? This rule book shows you how.

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Chatsworth Consulting Group’s Ending Leadership Frenzy: 5 Steps to Becoming a More Thoughtful and Effective Leader article

In this complimentary article, Ending Leadership Frenzy: 5 Steps to Becoming a More Thoughtful and Effective Leader, Lisa Kohn and Robyn McLeod share five simple steps of Thoughtful Leadership that will allow you to stop your Leadership Frenzy. Investing time to think things through and choosing to respond in a way that gets you closer to your ultimate goals saves you time and effort in the long run, and more effectively yields you, your business, your relationships, and your life visible change and greater results.

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