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The Transformational Power of Gratitude in Organizations


Please enjoy this post from guest blogger and leadership expert, Mary Zenzen, President and Founder, Better World Organizations, LLC. To change our world for the better, we need to change our minds… that is, our individual, group, and organizational mindsets. Why? Because out of mindsets spring every thought, every attitude, every belief, and every behavior. […]

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The ‘You Matter Marathon’ Goes to School


Here’s an inspiring example of how two pioneering educators, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education Dr. Ron Davis, and psychology teacher, Tina Raspanti are sharing the You Matter magic within Mt Lebanon School District in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   What attracted you to the You Matter Marathon (YMM)? Tina: I remember the feelings of warmth and caring […]

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Want to See the ‘You Matter Marathon’ in Action?

One of the questions I receive most often when telling people about the You Matter Marathon is, “How do people react when they receive a card?” Until now my answer had been to tell them about the powerfully moving encounter I had the first time I gave a You Matter card to someone I didn’t […]

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A ‘You Matter’ Wonder Woman


As mentioned in a previous post, the idea for the You Matter Marathon began when a colleague, Nedra Fetterman, gave me a You Matter card. She had picked it up from a reception table at a conference she had attended. She later learned that another conference attendee, Vicki O’Grady, a therapist based in Florida, had […]

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Big changes can start with the smallest of steps


As first published in the Philadelphia Inquirer on August 8, 2016 As a leadership and life coach, I’ve worked with many people who want to make big changes but don’t know where to start. I often recommend they take what seems like a ridiculously small first step. Often, it makes a big difference. I’ve been […]

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Two Words That Can Change a Life – Join Me

two words

Is it possible that two words can change someone’s day, someone’s life? What if those same two words could change the world? Well, I’m on a quest to find out – and, with your help, this quest will be a success. This quest inadvertently began last November in a grocery store. I was standing in […]

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Leading with Imagination

Imagine Imagination Expect Creative Sketch Concept

“What does imagination mean to you, and how do you cultivate it in others?” What juicy questions! These questions were posed to me just last week during OWN-IT, a leadership conference hosted by and for the amazing women of Boston College.

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The Easiest Way to Get Your To-Do Done!

woman walk park winter snow back

Ever notice that most of us have no trouble honoring commitments we make to others, but often fail to honor commitments we make to ourselves? I sure do. In fact, one of the biggest reasons my clients hire me is to help them stay accountable to their goals. For some reason, just telling a person […]

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You’ll Never Believe What’s Getting Rewarded in School These Days!


Recently a coaching client, we’ll call her Nancy, shared a story with me that had both our jaws dropping. A few days earlier, Nancy’s middle-school daughter, we’ll call her Jane, came home from school thrilled with a recognition she had received. Nancy, eager to celebrate with Jane, asked what the recognition was for. Jane eagerly reached into her […]

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Don’t Be Fooled…Be Happy!

Close up view of the hand of a woman writing in her diary at sunset with the glowing orb of the sun reflected over a still ocean

Happy New Year! Or should I say, Happy New Year’s Resolutions for those of us who make them (notice I didn’t say keep them!). Here are a few common resolutions that we often make and share: “I resolve to lose 15 pounds.” “I resolve to save enough money for a _____.” “I resolve to find […]

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